Friday, December 26, 2008

Advice on prescription in the future for your company

You ask yourself that, in the future for your business? If you want to predict your future or to prescribe the outcome of their choice, a large company!

Throughout history, people have many ways to predict the future, reading from the palms of stars. Today, we have to these methods, such as descriptive, if they try to objectively describe what they will or can be.

On the other hand, prescriptive methods are focused on determining what the future should be. These methods can help us clarify our values and views, we can offer a vision of what we want in our lives, businesses and municipalities.

Once we understand what we want in the future, we are in a better position to take the necessary steps for its implementation. Ideally, that in the future according to their passions, gifts, and that we (or our company) may indeed be the best in this way. This paper proposes a two-step process to achieve this goal.

First, the "hedgehog" concept

So, what could be the best in the world (or at least within their communities) do? These thoughts and ideas is one of the many Jim Collins' Good to Great: Why some companies to take a step ... and others do not. "

Collins 1435 Group studied to see significant improvement in profitability and sustainable improvement of more than 15 years or more. Since the 1970's, only 11 companies had the size of mediocrity, and there - surpasses many other companies that are not rich, to stay.

Eight of these companies share characteristics, each of which has a continued commitment to the best in the world at what he did. Each company is obliged not only to things, and nothing more. Sometimes they do not mean that the first companies listed on other things, that one of the best in the world.

Collins and his team, the word "hedgehog" concept of single-minded focus and belief that, like the hedgehog animals, trying to make one thing very well, as in the roll and roll. Hedgehog concept actually the intersection of three areas:

1) What do you like best
2) an understanding of what is perhaps the best for them,
3) One of the indicators that drives our economic and helps you measure results.

Please note that, according to Collins, this is not the objective, strategy and plan, but an understanding that can not do better. The development of hedgehog, you do not know his true vision, mission and goals.

Then define "criteria for success in business"

Do you have a very clear idea about the type of companies that are on their gifts, talents, strengths and passions? In this regard, do you think about your company may be the best in the world, these things?

If the answer is yes, then you are in an excellent position to determine which company can give you the greatest satisfaction and results.

If you have not yet entirely clear, the answers to these questions, develop a set of criteria for success ", the selection of initiatives that are worth much more deeply, and thus the conditions for a successful prosecution. Hedgehog, which is often the formula can identify and select the best opportunities.

Why is this so important? It is not unusual for people who wander in the fields of professions and opportunistic projects, which means that they often choose the next available and appropriate in the course of what is happening. Sometimes it can be for financial reasons. But if we understand the success of our key criteria, which are not connected with the options that truly inspire us and fuel - that is best suited to our strengths and passions.

Some criteria may be practical considerations, and high ideals. But their views are important to achieve a balance of performance, prosperity and a meaningful contribution to their lives.

In general, the criteria for success carefully maintained strong Hedgehog concept provides an excellent strategic advantage, and an excellent search engine management recipe of your future!